6" x 5 " at the back. Holder hangs 3 " out from the wall and will fit any roll of toilet paper, even the larger double rolls. Mounts easily from the back. PPU off 9 Mile Rd near Target/Kohl's area.
I have a lot of Hens and roosters to offer. They are all purebred and from some of the best breeders in the country. Here is a list of what I have to offer Silver Laced Wyandotte, Blue laced red Wyandotte, BANTAM Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, Yokahoma, Black Copper Maran, Birchin Maran, Jubilee rooster, Tolbunt English Orpington, Isabel Cuckoo English Orpington SOLD, Lavender English Orpington, Bl...
Was $250.00 dropped to $150.00 firm.Used one time like new,Chicken Debeaker Stops pecking that can lead to death.Works great.please only text any other way I will not know.Also will trade for a band-saw,router and table,or scroll saw.
This intricately designed artwork is perfect for those who want something unique and beautiful. Each one is individually designed. They are made using fine Chiyogami paper. The eye is swarovski crystal. The center (the iris) is made using a shiny Origami foil which picks up on the colors of the artwork. No two are alike. These pieces are framed and ready to be displayed. They will bring an eleg...
Frozen chicken patties just opened last night 4 left my son and husband didn t like Meets ab 5/10 or ppu off 9 mile
$2.50 if you bring a egg carton to exchange $3.00 with no egg carton Chickens run in our back yard most days and are put in a chicken house at night. They are mainly fed organic fruit and vegetable scraps from the garden. But, we do supplement feeding with chicken laying pellets.
Here is a very nice California Pottery Chicken of the Sea Dish in red/maroon. It is 8 long, 4 1/2 tall and in wonderful condition. PU in Warrington near Fairfield Dr & Gulf Beach Highway or AB
We have a new hatch of 18 straight run Olive Egger chicks 5 days old. $6.00 each or 6 for $25.00 call or text 910-five five one-1067.
Handmade Chick Inn sign 16.5 H x 14.75 W Meets flexible in Pace/Milton & Northeast Pensacola PPU available any day near 5 Points in Pace