4 pot. About 5-6 tall. Will make nice hanging plant
4 pot. About 5-6 tall. Will make nice hanging basket
4 pot. About 5-6 tall. Will make a nice hanging basket
4 pot. About 5-6 tall AB only for under $5.00
4 pot. About 5-6 tall. Will make nice hanging basket
Pics above 10 diameter Selling for my mom so might not be avail same day ppu or meet Please be ready to schedule ppu or meet immediately Hitting interested = SOLD Hi I m Christina! HOLDS valid for 3 hours All items cross listed PPU $10 and under > scenic heights (9th/Creighton) 2/3 Mins from Creighton Walmart Ppu also avail for this item at my moms off 9 mile & pine forest Meet locations: Cordo...
Job ID: 141639 Midsouth Paving, Inc., part of CRH s South Division, is a leading supplier of quality asphalt and Construction Services in the Southeastern U.S., with operations in Alabama, southern Tennessee, Georgia and the Florida Panhandle. Working with government agencies, private contractors, counties and municipalities, we produce millions of tons of quality construction materials and pav...
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NWP, NS, feline friendly home. Bought this at the seafood festival but never used. 28 long and holds four pots. PPU is available in the 9 Mile and Guidy vicinity.
Email anytime. Call or text after 7 am and before 10 pm. I have plants that are growing out of their spaces so I am offering my extra. Some pictures of some of the adult plantsSweetspire- Pulling tons of this tomorrow 7818Wedelia trilobata- tons to pull tomorrow 7818English ivySnow poppyPurple passion vine, passiflora incarnata, native for this areaMonkey grassConfederate jasmine Carolina jasmi...
The planter and decoration stick have pretty glittery hearts. 5 1/4" high 6 1/2" across. Perfect for valentine's day or anniversary gift.
EUC! 2pc. 12 tall. NS/cats. PPU in Pace behind Walmart ONLY for purchase less $5
EUC! 2pc. 11-16 . NS/cats. PPU in Pace behind Walmart ONLY for purchase less $5
EUC. 3pc. 10-12 . NS/cats. PPU in Pace behind Walmart ONLY for purchase less $5
Ppu in pace I got it to use the bottom part but never done anything with it.
These are a very hardy self seeding annual. They are nice in a basket or great flowerbed edging. They enjoy full sun and are drought tolerant. Most of mine survive our mild winters. I have lots of these.
Indoor plant with beautiful planter. This is not a real plant which is why I said indoor. Off Jackson and 65th or meet at AB. I can also meet or drop off while out around town. I will answer valid questions that are not already stated and will give a 6 hour hold once I have answered. After that, I will go to next in line.
This Ad gets knocked out fast daily by our over-priced competitors, so call now While supplies last Each plant is 8 MONTHS OLD and at least 3 FEET TALL Strong and healthy, these mature plants are ready for consumption. Or, use them for propagating a new crop for your Spring garden. The Turmeric growth cycle is about 10 months. It goes dormant in winter and then comes back strong in the late Spr...
painted dark turquoise, could be repainted; very cute; PPU Milton
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