EUC. clear glass bowl. Capacity 2 full gallons. Use it for fish, punch, snacks, terrarium, raffle drawings, etc
75 gallon aquarium comes with stand LED day-and-night light bar, Filter, Heater, Gravel, Bubble bars, Decorations, Also 4 large oscars that's the size of your hand or bigger and convicts Milton pick up only need to sell Due to getting new home and downsizing
75 gallon aquarium comes with light Day or night Bar filter ,cabinet ,and all the decorations and gravel also have 4 oscars the size of your hand or bigger Also has convicts Must bring something big to put the fish in Milton pick up only
Plants are gone and fish but comes with everything else. Come get it in Pace. Needs cleaned
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Sub 6 x 4 Tunnel 6 long Cave 5 3/4 x 4 1/2 Sub sells got $7 alone Pics above Please be ready to schedule ppu or meet immediately Hitting interested = SOLD Hi I m Christina! HOLDS valid for 3 hours All items cross listed PPU $10 and under > scenic heights (9th/Creighton) 2/3 Mins from Creighton Walmart Meet locations: Cordova mall, Ross Davis, Creighton Walmart, Dairy Queen scenic. Some days KFC...
65 gallon tank comes with lights gravel and filter and heater Milton pick up only cross posted
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Included many live rock, 4 fish, a chocolate chip starfish, fire shrimp, and several crabs and snails. This is a steal at this price
10 gallon. Fish tank. Lots of extra stuff stored inside. Tank in great condition, top had cracks. $10 pet friendly home and smoke free
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